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Admissions pack contains house rules, whats expected, and what you can expect from us.

GSL admission pack 2018 (pdf)


Whats Expected of You

House Rules

 • The use of any drugs or alcohol will result in immediate discharge, any suspicion of using either; will result in a drug or alcohol test at the residence expense.  NO alcohol based mouthwash is allowed.

 • Drug Testing:  Random drug testing will be done at staff’s request, if you refuse to be tested, you will be discharged immediately.   There is a 2 hour limit to submit substance for testing, after that time, it will be considered an automatic positive and you will be discharged.

 • Abuse:  Goshen Sober Living House has a zero tolerance policy for physical or verbal abuse to staff or other residents.  You will be discharged immediately for this offense and the police will be called if necessary. 

 • Property:  If any damages to Goshen Sober Living House occur due to your negligence or as a result of any inappropriate behavior, you will be held financially responsible for repairs and/or replacement. • Chores:  The chores will be split evenly between the residence, assigned by the house manager at his discretion i.e. Garbage, yard-work, house cleaning, etc..

 • Employment:  You must maintain employment during your stay at Goshen Sober Living House; you must be able to provide proof of employment upon admission.  If laid off or reassigned, you have 2 weeks to find new employment, no exceptions. 

• Rent Payment: Friday is rent day; rent will be collected by the house manager on a weekly basis.  Our week runs through Saturday to Friday. If Rent is not paid on Friday, you will have until Monday to get caught up.

 • Bounced checks will be result in a 35.00 fee and future payments will be required in Cash or Money Order Only. 

• Gambling: This includes playing cards for money, going to Casinos, making any kind of financial bets or buying lottery tickets, if you gamble, you will be discharged immediately.

 • Supplies:  You are responsible for providing your own food and personal items.  i.e. toiletries, clothing, shoes, laundry soap etc.… Goshen Sober Living House will supply toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning supplies for the house.  You are never to take any of these items from the house, it will be considered theft.

 • Theft:  Taking something that belongs to the house or other resident without permission will result in immediate eviction. 

• Curfew:  30 day probation 10pm, phase 2 curfew is 11pm.  You must be in the house at this time, house manager must know you are in and the house will be locked.

 • No person of the opposite sex is allowed in your room for any reason.

 • No person under the age of 18 is allowed in the house without written staff permission ( this includes family members too) 

• Family members may visit during evening hours with house managers’ permission only.  All guests must comply with house rules.  Outside guests (other than family) must be cleared by administration.

 • Out of the house, overnights are possible and must be earned by good behavior; do not expect overnight permission for anyone with less than a 30 day good behavior record.  1 overnight per week. 

• Overnight passes must be approved 24 hours in advance.  You must sign in and out when you leave and let staff know immediately upon return.  EXPECT TO BE DRUG TESTED AT YOUR EXPENSE WHEN YOU RETURN, THIS IS A SAFETY ISSUE.   An overnight pass is a privilege; you must be current with rent.

 • 1 weekly house meeting is mandatory once per week, time to be determined.